How to contribute

In Lindängen with Lindängen is a collaborative project that welcomes anyone who’s working with the community. It takes two simple steps for you to add your first post to the timeline.

Step 1: Creating an account

To become a contributor, you’ll need an account, which can easily be created for you. You and your team will share a username and password. To have your account created, send an e-mail to saying:

  • Which university / research group you belong to;
  • The name of your group (make it short and catchy – this will be your screen name);
  • How you’ll by working in Lindängen / In which project

When your account is created, you’ll receive an e-mail with the login information for your team.

Step 2: Add your first post

Once your account is created, you can then click on “Add post” button from the main menu. You can also click on it below if you’d like. Then just enter your login credentials and you’re all set to make your first post.


Posting guidelines

It is very important that we all follow guidelines so we keep the house in order for everyone that comes in. And of course these guidelines can be changed as we all see fit. But please, take a moment to read through:

Introduce yourselves

We are all in this together, so it would be great if we could all get to know each other a little. So as a first post, we suggest that you introduce yourselves, your project, your goals. Also leave your contact details so that we can communicate.


Writing the post

What to write about? Well, write about events in your process that mattered. If you think anyone could benefit from the information or knowledge that you generated, then please do share. Or share it even if you don’t see it – other people might.

The excerpt

The excerpt of your post is the short text that appears for your post entry in the front page, with the list of all posts.

We suggest that we use the excerpt as a short summary of the post, so we can understand what the entry is about right at the front page. See example below:


You can easily set the excerpt through the text editor through the “read more tag” button:


A break will be added to your text, so everything above it will be the excerpt.


The correct date

Since this is a timeline, the time is a crucial element. Don’t forget to change the date of your post to the date of the event you’re posting about:


Categories and tags

Categories and tags are crucial. They allow for our posts to be sorted through the filter: there people can freely filter search for tags, and also filter by categories.

Using categories

You can create new categories for your posts or use existing ones. Categories are the main descriptors of your project. For example, when the students from Malmö Högskola were working with Framtidens Hus, their post categories were: Interaction Design, MAH and Framtidens Hus.

Using tags

Tags are extra descriptors for your individual posts. Is your post about ethnographic results? Tag it #ethnography or something like that. Are you here to report a failure in the project? Please do tag #failure.

The featured image

If you want your post to feature an image in the post entry on the front page, use the “featured image” option when you are adding a new post.


To all contributors: thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences. Social innovation is better when made together.