In Lindängen with Lindängen is a collaborative space that gathers the progress and results of the many academic activities going on in Lindängen.


Lindängen is a neighbourhood located in the south of Malmö, and was developed during the Million Homes Programme (a national planning programme from the 70’s). Since then, Lindängen has been the subject of many research studies from different fields, such as urban planning and participatory design.

Keeping track

There’s valuable knowledge being generated in every project done in Lindängen, but for many researchers and students, specially newcomers, there’s really no easy access to this information.

In Lindängen with Lindängen was created out of the need of accessing the stories, learnings and outcomes from other’s experiences, so we can all do what’s best for Lindängen.

Let’s do it together

Lindängen with Lindängen invites researchers and students from all around Malmö and Sweden to join the team of contributors. Social innovation is better when done together.