The 6 ideas

Brainstorming together over Lindängen’s social landscape map and the 8 goals.

With the map and the 8 goals set in place, we started brainstorming for different activities that we could do in Lindängen, and from which the community could benefit from. The ideas are listed below. For each idea we highlight which of the 8 goals the idea contributes with, and how hard we think they’d be to execute (because we are on a tight time schedule, we needed reality check).

The movable shop

Goals: integration, employment, appropriation of space

The movable shop is an idea to create small shopping booths on wheels so that people from Lindängen’s community can borrow to use and sell their own things.

This idea was inspired by the different people and groups in Lindängen that make things, like cooking, knitting, honey harvesting, bike repairing, music making. It also draws from their own flee market culture.

Some more details:

  • The movable shops can/should be built with some people of the community, for appropriation. Key people (such as the bike repairer) should be involved, so they are the maintainers of the project.
  • There should be at least 3-4 different movable shops, so that groups of people can create a small fair together.
  • The shops should be kept somewhere people have access: like the school.
  • There should be a schedule, so that the movable can only be booked, for example, of Sundays. This could increase the expectancy and keep the project value (otherwise people can get tired of it).

Dificulty level: ★★★

The umbrella roofs

Goals: appropriation of space

Inspired by the fact that Lindängen has no roofs over the centre (only the one in Lindgården) because establishments don’t want people gathering under their roofs, we decided to #hackthesystem.

The idea is to built a simple structure for the street light poles of the centre that allows for people to hang one or a couple of umbrellas, creating therefore a temporary roof.

Some more details:

  • The structure should be simple, so it looks more like a hack rather than a finished neat product (therefore fitting the concept).

Dificulty level: ★★

The CCTV stage

Goals: image/reputation, appropriation of space, community building

Lindängen is has a reputation of being an unsafe place. Just recently a CCTV camera was installed behind Framtidens Hus, and we thought it was a good moment to subvert the image of “unsafety” that comes with the CCTV and transform it into a creative stage.

The idea: we hook another camera up (another CCTV or a webcam) next to the CCTV (so they have the same point of view), and stream the video online on Youtube for everyone to see. Anyone can then come and perform in front of the camera.

Some more details:

  • The “stage” space could be painted/contoured on the ground&wall, so that it calls people’s attention and so that they know what will be captured by the camera’s lenses.
  • When the project is first live, there could be an inauguration event with local performers (like the girls school dancing group) performing in front of the camera. That will create awareness of the project to the community, and hopefully will inspire them to use it in the future.

Dificulty level: ★★

The musical centre

Goals: appropriation of space, community building, image/reputation


Lindängen’s music scene is nationally known, so we wanted to build up on that aspect of the community and give them music power within Lindängen.

The idea is to create a space for the people to broadcast their own music in the city centre, from a music studio. The set-up is essentially of a radio station (except that we wouldn’t broadcast in FM, but over the internet). People could not only play their own music, but their favourite tunes or run talk shows.


Some more details:

  • This idea can be scaled up or scaled down. For a scaled up approach, there could be self-organized schedules where people can book times to broadcast, and the audience can have access to the schedule so they know when to gather in the centre to listen to the “radio”. For a scaled down approach, a simple bluetooth device can be coupled to outdoors speakers in the centre, so that anyone can hook their phone up and play their music.

Dificulty level: ★★★★ or ★

Love bombing

Goals: appropriation of space, safety, community building

“Lindängen can always use more love” – Mina

Inspired by love, we wanted to invite everyone in Lindängen to take over a full bikelane to paint words of love on the ground. We’d create letter stencils and provide paint so people could write a word based on a topic, e.g., “What do you dream of”.


Light it up

The twist in the idea is that the paint glows in the dark (a powder solution is the best option we found), so at night the bike like is lit up, promoting safety.

Dificulty level: ★

Pizza oven

Goals: This, this and that


The Pizza Oven was the idea out of the 6 that we executed during our time in Lindängen. It’s a movable, outdoors oven built in the centre of Lindängen. Read all about this project here.

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