From map to goals

The map provides a great overview of Lindängen’s social landscape, but how can it inspire new ideas and activities for the community?

Together with Mina, we started using Lindängen’s social map as an way to brainstorm ideas for activities in the community. These activities, however, must have a reason to be executed – much the same way that the activities done by e.g. Framtidens Hus and gatukraft all have/had a purpose to exist.

The 8 goals

For each of the activities in the map from the different groups/organizations, we listed their contribution aspects to Lindängen, such as “safety” or “community building”. From a list of many different contribution aspects, we defined a final list with 8 goals of which new ideas and activities should contribute with in the future:

  • Safety
  • Appropriation of space
  • Community building
  • Integration
  • Education
  • Image / Reputation
  • Urban development
  • Employment

The goals and the map

The 8 goals are to be clearly displayed in the map, so they can inspire every conversation and brainstorm that happens around the map.



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