The timeline opportunity

Archiving to write the past and to define the future.

The insights gathered in the timeline exercise we did with the K3 researchers led us to start thinking about a hub/timeline for all of the academic projects that have been and are currently active in Lindängen.

Benefits for all

It is undoubtable how students and researchers can benefit from previous contributions: knowledge doesn’t need to start from scratch, but can always be built upon. Above all, the community of Lindängen can then receive a much more careful approach from researchers, with increasingly deeper understanding of their needs.

Exploring a possible timeline

We started prototyping a timeline with defining the main qualities and features the timeline should have (uncovered from the timeline exercise), and what are the feasible and online mediums available for us. The main initial features are:

  • Scroll through a timeline
  • View a project’s path
  • View a person’s path
  • Add update/event

The explored mediums were:

  • Facebook group
  • Wiki page
  • Forum
  • WordPress website

We decided to go with a wordpress website after many (many) considerations.

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