The timeline exercise

Extracting knowledge from K3 researchers about their projects in Lindängen.

Apart from the activities run by the local groups/organisations in Lindängen (as Framtidens Hus, gatukraft, women’s network), there is a lot of research and academic projects happening in the community as well.

When we first started the project, we had no information about any other academic initiative, nor we knew how to find it. For that reason we decided to do a workshop with researchers from the K3 school working in Lindängen (our professors) to extract the knowledge.

The exercise

Together with Per, Anna and Per-Anders, we sat down for a couple of hours to create a timeline of their research projects in Lindängen. The set-up was similar to the mapping exercises we did with Mina, except that we added the time dimension.


The outcome: narratives and insights

We shall unbury this knowledge.

As with the map, the exercise generated conversation and stories. The time aspect of it showed how narratives overlap and how the scenarios change.

However, during the workshop it became clear why this knowledge is not easy to access by other peers and students: they are all buried in e-mails and personal folders. Our quest, then, became immediately clear: we should unbury the knowledge.


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