Mapping exercise

Understanding Framtidens Hus and Lindängen with markers, papers and scissors

After our first meetings with Mina and Jörgen, we had heard many names of different organisations and different activities in the community, but the complexity was hard to grasp. So before we could start any work, we needed a much better understanding of the overall social landscape of Lindängen.

The exercise

Together we Mina, we had workshops to map Lindängen with colored papers. We brought different paper shapes and colours for different elements of the map, which were:

  • Person
  • Institution
  • Building
  • Activity

The connections were made as the different elements were placed together. A red thread was also used to connect people and institutions engaged in the same activities.


Outcome: stories and knowledge

After several hours of the mapping exercise, we weren’t able to cover even a third of Lindängen’s social landscape. However, the value of the exercise existed beyond the content: it generated hours of conversation, which brought us much knowledge and insights about Lindängen. On top of that, it uncovered spaces for exploration, giving us starting points.


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